In early 2020, the Consortium on Substance Use and Addiction (CSUA) placed a call for proposals to establish faculty-initiated, interdisciplinary research working groups around any theme related to addressing substance misuse. The goal of this program is to help establish interdisciplinary groups of Penn State researchers who wish to focus on a common aspect of substance use research. Groups that include members from more than one college and/or campus were prioritized for funding. The following seven research working groups were awarded funding:

Developmental Recovery Stage Model

The goal of this group is to further an emerging concept, the Development Recovery Stage Model, to use among different populations of people in recovery from addiction as a way to identify appropriate recovery goals as people progress through the stages of recovery.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Deirdre O’sullivan, Educational Psychology and Counseling, University Park campus
Dr. H. Harrington (Bo) Cleveland, Human Development and Family Studies, University Park campus

Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic

The mission of developing an innovative, interdisciplinary clinic is to provide care and maximize treatment outcomes among adults with refractory chronic non-cancer paid treated with long-term opioids.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. David Giampetro, Pain Medicine, Hershey Medical Center
Dr. Vitaly Gordin, Pain Medicine, Hershey Medical Center
Dr. Aleksandra Zgierska, Addiction Medicine and Family Practice, Hershey Medical Center

NISS/PSU Working Group on Statistical Issues of the Opioid Epidemic

This working group plans to study the emerging statistical issues of the opioid epidemic and explore the roles that statisticians and data scientists can bring to the study of this issue.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Lingzhou Xue, Department of Statistics, University Park campus
Dr. James Rosenberger, Department of Statistics, University Park campus

Opioid Use Disorder Among Immigrants in PA

The overarching goal of this project is to inform practice and policy through research, specifically mental health therapists, psychiatrists, prescribers, law enforcement personnel, and law makers.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Abigail Akande, Rehabilitation and Human Services, Abington campus
Dr. Christiana Oji-Mmuo, Neonatal-Preinatal Medicine, Hershey Medical Center

Penn State Commonwealth Working Group to Explore Community-based Efforts to Address Substance Abuse

The goal of this working group, made of faculty working across various disciplines and campuses, is to develop a better understanding of the far reaching efforts of substance abuse, particularly opioid misuse, in several high need areas of PA.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Maureen Ittig, Human Development and Family Studies, Fayette campus
Dr. Kate McLean, Administration of Justice, Greater Allegheny campus

PA Pregnancy Cohort to Study Intergenerational Effects

This project will support a new networking group of Penn State researchers and health care partners/clinical care providers with the goal of recruiting and retaining pregnant women who are substance using or at risk for substance use disorder to further understand the intergenerational effects of substance use.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Danielle Downs, Health and Human Development, University Park campus
Dr. Rina Eiden, Psychology, University Park campus
Dr. Jenae Neiderhiser, Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, University Park campus

The CCSA Substance Use Stigma Reduction Collaborative

The theme of this research working group is community engagement and coalition building to build and develop a stigma reduction in PA to organize and connect three stakeholders; 1. Researchers, 2. Practitioners and community leaders, and 3. People in recovery from substance use disorder.

Working Group Co-Chairs:
Dr. Glenn Sterner, Criminal Justice, Abington campus
Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Criminal Justice, Berks campus