Who We Are

A group of scientists, educators and practitioners committed to addressing substance use and addiction.

Established in 2018, the Consortium on Substance Use and Addiction (CSUA) is a multidisciplinary network of researchers, educators, and practitioners that work together to address the systemic problems of the opioid epidemic, substance use and addiction. Initially motivated by the opioid epidemic that continues to deeply impact communications across Pennsylvania and the nation, CSUA connects and cultivates a diverse group of stakeholders to develop and implement effective programs, policies, and practices aimed at preventing and treating addiction, and its spillover effects on children, families, and communities.

What We Do

Research, educate, and connect.

CSUA leverages Penn State University’s research, education, and outreach capacities to advance efforts in substance use and addiction prevention, treatment, and program implementation.

Co-funded Faculty Members

CSUA received funding to hire twelve new co-funded faculty members across Penn State University’s Commonwealth campuses in a variety of disciplines with a focus on issues of substance use and addiction.

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Research Funding and Working Group Support

Currently, CSUA supports two funding programs, the Community Fellows Program and the Seed Grant Program, and funds research working groups. For more information about funding support, visit this page.

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Annual Conference

CSUA has hosted two annual conferences, bringing together researchers, practitioners, government partners, and community leaders to focus on community-engaged solutions to problems of substance use. For more information about the annual conference, please visit this page.

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Partnership Network

To combat the opioid epidemic and greater issues of substance use, CSUA cultivates numerous partnerships with communities and organizations across the Commonwealth. For more information about specific partnerships and programs, please visit this page.

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How to Become an Affiliate

Stay involved with us through e-newsletter updates, attend our yearly conference, and find others committed to addressing substance use and addiction.

CSUA draws on the expertise of researchers, educators, and practitioners from Penn State campuses across the Commonwealth. If you are a Penn State faculty member, researcher, or staff member interested in joining the Consortium, please send an email to CSUA@psu.edu.

Members are encouraged to:

  • Share their publications, events, and other news with CSUA for promotion.
  • Attend the yearly conference.
  • Submit proposals for CSUA funding.
  • Work together with other members on projects, publications, and events.

For more information, contact csua@psu.edu.