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Published on: Nov 9, 2021

The Consortium on Substance Use and Addiction (CSUA), a unit of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), has launched its new website.  

The new website corresponds to a name update, from the "Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse" to the "Consortium on Substance Use and Addiction," an effort to further destigmatize substance use, addiction, and other related issues. The name change also reflects the group’s aim for a more inclusive space for substance-based addiction researchers from all fields, departments, campuses and scientific research styles.    

Established in 2018, CSUA is a multidisciplinary network of researchers, educators and practitioners that work together to address the systemic problems of the opioid epidemic, substance use and addiction. Initially motivated by the opioid epidemic that continues to deeply impact communications across Pennsylvania and the nation, CSUA connects and cultivates a diverse group of stakeholders to develop and implement effective programs, policies and practices aimed at preventing and treating addiction, and its spillover effects on children, families and communities. 

The new website contains information about co-funded faculty members, funding opportunities, the annual conference, news articles, and information about becoming a CSUA affiliate.  

For more information about CSUA’s activities, visit the new website or follow CSUA on Twitter

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